Katrina’s breathtaking shoot with visually impaired photographer


Beauty is more than what meets the eye, and this video is an example of exactly that. Katrina Kaif , who is the brand ambassador for a leading perfume brand, was recently captured by Bhavesh Patel, a visually impaired photographer, not only has a nose for fragrances and ears to catch sound action, but an acute sense to judge distances between his camera and subjects and how to use new technology for good shot.

Bhavesh believes that when a woman feels beautiful, everyone around her can sense it. When he was working with Katrina he could feel her beauty power the studio and produced some of the most breathtaking shots we’ve ever seen of the actress. Bhavesh Patel talks about his incredible experience working with beautiful Katrina, and the magic they created together.

The photographs, which bring out the feminine sensuality of the actress, were captured for Lux. A video of the photoshoot was launched on video-sharing website on January 21.
The video, titled Perfume Portraits, features Katrina posing in a purple gown. It also shows the photographer feeling the actress’ photographs with his hands. “With every photograph I took, her fragrance formed a vision in my mind,” Bhavesh said in a statement.

Picture Gallery:
Lux Perfume Portrait
Commercial 7- Perfume Portrait