Katrina & Sonam Kapoor good-times


Katrina Kaif and Sonam Kapoor recently shared the stage for a L’Oreal event to announce that they will be walking the red carpet at Cannes film festival…

I am starting to pray every night that Sonam Kapoor and Katrina Kaif become BFFs. Why do you ask? Because if that happens, it would be the best dostana of all time. I mean, did you look at their camaraderie at the L’Oreal event? Won’t they make the best diva duo in B-Town? Anyway, I have more reason to believe that if Sonam and Kat were to become the best of friends it would be the most awesome thing.

At the L’Oreal event for Cannes, Sonam recollected this one time when she bumped into Katrina at a fancy restaurant. This is what Sonam said, ” remember once I went to a restaurant and Katrina was there with her mom. It was a VERY fancy restaurant, BTW and she was wearing a very simply t-shirt and jeans, no makeup, her hair was tied just like that AND she was wearing flip-flops! I remember I was wearing a Christian Dior skirt and a crop top and Katrina is like ‘are you coming from an event?’ I was like ‘no, no, I’m coming from home, I just put this on!’ She’s like ‘how long did it take for you’ and I was like ‘5 minutes’ and she’s like ‘it took me 5 minutes too!”

Now one would think that after THAT comment Kat would be fuming, right? But interestingly enough Katrina was a total sport about it. She admitted to the fact that she is a big under-dresser and she doesn’t like to spend a lot of time decking up. Kat went on to say, “It’s a very common occurring between me and Sonam. I see her and ask her ‘are you coming from a red carpet event’ and she goes like ‘no I’m coming from home!”

Kat and Sonam have very different personal styles, and it is so awesome to see them both accept it and revel in the same with pride! We just love the way these two divas are! What do you think about Kat and Sonam’s witty remarks?