Katrina Kaif About Valentine’s Day and Secret Admirers


Katrina Kaif may be going through trying times at the moment, at the very least because of the scrutiny she’s under. But the actress, does a good show of ‘Everything’s coming up roses.’

One would think that Katrina would have shifted over to the cynicism camp but when we sat down with the actress (who was looking rested and relaxed – just FYI), she insisted she was not taking off her rose-coloured glasses just yet.

“I’m a person who believes in having all the information and being realistic but I also like to have a positive outlook because that’s a good way to live. I prefer seeing the glass as half full and not thinking too much about the future. Like my mother says, ‘just take one step at a time. Have faith in God and just trust’,” the Fitoor actress said.

But while Katrina put on a rosy front, when we pushed her on possible thorns in her side, she seemed a tad strained, even as she insisted ‘no thorns in my side at all.’

It’s a strain that can be well understood. And we complimented Katrina on living up to her ‘cool Kat’ image (much as the term may annoy us).

A rather guarded Katrina said, “Speculations and assumptions are all part of being an actor. It’s a small unpleasant aspect of the profession. But I enjoy being an actor because there are so many other great parts of the job to focus on. Being an actor offers one so many privileges and opportunities.”

Well, we tried. But while Katrina was clearly not biting the bait, we decided to ask the actress about her plans on Valentine’s Day and from whom she was looking forward to receiving flowers.

“I’m actually hoping to receive a big bunch of flowers from my director Abhishek Kapoor along with a card saying ‘this journey on Fitoorhas been great’.”

When we said that the answer didn’t match our great expectations and asked her about any known or secret admirers, Katrina said, “No, you asked me who I wanted the flowers from. People can have a lot of expectations.”

Well, Katrina is certainly treading carefully. But we have to say, heartache or not, she’s certainly holding her head up high. And trust us, that’s tough to do when you are watching every step, in six-inch heels no less.