Katrina had no clue about #KatrinaMissing trending on Twitter


Katrina Kaif was trending on Twitter since Monday morning. The microblogging website was abuzz with her fans tweeting with #KatrinaMissing. However, the actress had no clue about it.

The ‘Bang Bang!’ star attended the L’Oreal Paris Femina Women Awards 2015 in Mumbai Monday evening. When she was informed about #KatrinaMissing, she smiled and said, “I am not on Twitter yet so I don’t know. I have been in Delhi, not in Mumbai.”

Katrina also informed that she has high fever but she did not want to miss the event because it celebrates women.

She said, “You will have to excuse me today because I am extremely unwell. I have very high fever. But I didn’t want to miss this event because I think it’s such a special event and very few times and very few events are there that are really celebrating women who tirelessly work for others and really don’t get much in return. That’s something I didn’t want to miss.”