Is Katrina Kaif Really Writing Her Memoir? Here is the Truth


When I previously mentioned the supposed memoir that Katrina Kaif is writing, there was disbelief in some quarters and jokes from some other. Primarily because memoirs are usually written by artistes who may have spent a considerable amount of time in an industry with a massive repertoire of work behind them.

However, jokes apart, the “news” about Katrina’s memoir that went viral last week seems like a classic instance of the PR machinery gone berserk. A friend of the actress says, “What memoir will she write? She’s a very private person. No one knows the real Katrina. And she is not about to tell the world about it.” The over-enthusiastic PR pitch even mentioned the purported memoir’s title to be Barbie Doll. The friend can’t stop laughing at the title. “Katrina would cringe at that title. Throughout her career she has tried to escape the Barbie doll image. The last thing she would want is to project herself in the image that she detests.”

So no Barbie Doll, no memoir. Sorry to disappoint you, Katrina fans!