Did Katrina ask Ranbir to deny their engagement?


Just a few days back, Jr Kapoor made it very clear that isn’t engaged to his ladylove Kat. But is it true or there is reason behind Ranbir’s denial?

Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor’s relationship is stronger than ever and their decision to live under one roof is a testimony to that fact. With Kat bonding with RK’s mommy dearest Neetu Singh and things going great between the lovebirds, naturally the next step would be officially committing to each other. In fact, not too long we even told you that Ranbir and Kat exchanged rings in London. But with the actor rubbishing the engagement reports, most of us are back to wondering where exactly are these two headed, right?

But if what our khoofiya khabroo has told us is true then let me tell you that RK and KK are very much engaged. As for RK denying the engagement news, well, it seems Ms Kaif has something to do with it.

Yes, we know for the longest time the Katrina was asking Ranbir for some sort of commitment. And the duo fought quite a few times because of the same. However, Katrina doesn’t want all the focus to shift from her career to personal life. The babe has quite a few films lined up this year and therefore wants to be talked about because of her films and not her relationship with Ranbir. Apparently, that’s the reason why the B-town beauty asked her beau to not openly admit about their engagement.

Well, this is what we have heard and if it’s true then I kinda understand Katrina’s point of view. Having said that, I also think that the katrina will have to come out of the closet so what’s the point in playing the guessing game, agreed Bollywoodlifers?