Katrina Kaif Teenage Crush

After Hollywood flick “Twilight”, all the girls went crazy for Robert Pattinson, including Bollywood diva Katrina Kaif. Apparently, the actress, who loves reading books, read all the “Twilight” series in four days and tried to reach Pattinson through her agents. … Read More »

Katrina Kaif on Salman Khan

There are many definitions with the relationship we share. I don’t like to really share publicly or give labels to the relationship I share with him. Salman has been an important part of my life, not only in films but … Read More »

Nathalia Kaur on Katrina Kaif

“I admire Katrina Kaif. Despite being an outsider and not even knowing the language, she achieved so much and made her mark. She is one of the biggest stars of the country and also an amazing dancer today.”