Katrina’s Interview before her Cannes Debut!


When she walked the red carpet at Cannes 2015 the last evening, Katrina Kaif gave myriads a huge awe-striking moment.

The actress has joined the likes of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan & Sonam Kapoor at Cannes by being the face of cosmetic brand L’Oreal. And her grand debut at the event was all an evident stunning appearance.

Prior walking the coveted red carpet, Katrina Kaif made for a candid sit down tete-a-tete. Here follows the excerpts:

1) Katrina Kaif on making her red carpet debut at Cannes:

“You know I think there are so many things you can do that can become confusing, almost in a way? Because there are so many statements you can make, there’s so many dresses you can wear, so many different way you can wear your hair, your make up. The sense I’m getting, maybe for this year, is that every year will be different. You know, as you get your comfort level, you can probably try and experiment, and find different styles that suits you. But maybe for this year I think it’s important that.

I’m probably trying to stick to what is the essence of me, what maybe I feel comfortable with, as an actor. Something that goes with my personality, rather than trying to make too much of a statement”

2) Katrina Kaif on working with female directors:

“That’s amazing I mean, I had an amazing experience working with female directors. I think one of the films, which I considered my best film is directed by a woman as well. There’s a different tone, and a different sensitivity, and a different language almost, which a woman can bring to a film. It’s been some of my best experiences.

I’m working with another female director this year. I think it’s all about women directors right now”

3) Katrina Kaif on the portray of women in Bollywood films:

“There has been a big shift, especially since the time I’ve started in the industry until now. There has been a very very large shift in the perception of women, how a woman is being portrayed in films more commonly, not just the one off film in the year. A lot of films with very strong female characters, lot of films that are doing well where the female protagonist have got a very strong personality, independent mind. I think that’s only going to keep growing and changing, and I think that’s very important, not only us, but for the country, and the way women are looked at.”

4) Katrina Kaif on Nepal earthquake releif work:

“I think there are lots of different attempts going on right now. Lots of different people asking for support in different ways. So we try and do as much as we can. Whether it’s sending a certain amount of money, or sending a check to the foundation. Just making sure that you’re supporting the foundations that are getting the required aid there in time and as quickly as possible.”

Source: IndiaTV News