Katrina Kaif’s healthy macrobiotic diet plan,: The FOODie interview


Katrina Kaif’s secret indulgence is kheer. She is also unstoppable when it comes to cinnamon rolls. She is waif-like at the moment, thanks to a special macrobiotic diet, but each time she head home to London, she binges on roast meats, Yorkshire pudding, and the traditional English breakfast.

You’ve lost a fair bit of weight. Are you on a special diet?
I generally eat healthy but I am on a macrobiotic diet right now. You eat wholegrains (brown rice, whole wheat and oats), vegetables, fruits, steamed fish or roast chicken. That’s staple food, and you stay away from any kind of processed food and dairy products. Breakfast is simple: some egg whites, oatmeal and cereals. But my perfect Sunday breakfast is still pancakes. Lunch, on a normal day, is grilled chicken, steamed vegetables, legumes and salad. Dinner could be a soup, or a salad. I eat acai berry supplements to keep my skin healthy. I’m trying to give myself an antioxidant boost with green tea, and hoping it will help me beat my coffee cravings.

What can you totally binge on?
My biggest weakness is the cinnamon roll. I can eat three large ones in one go.

What is your secret indulgence?
I like my pasta with lots of cheese, and I’m very fond of kheer. Food is what keeps me going.

You grew up in London. What are your food memories of the city?

I grew up on the food my mom cooked. She makes a beautiful Yorkshire pudding. I also grew up eating lamb chops. I eat a far bigger breakfast when I am in London with my family: a traditional English breakfast of eggs, sausages and baked beans. But the one dish that evokes memories of childhood is macaroni and cheese.

What’s that one thing you could never eat?
Pickles. Too oily, too spicy.

Tell us about one memorable meal you’ve had on your travels.
There was this little Italian restaurant in Innsbruck, Austria. We ate there regularly when we were shooting for Yuvvraaj. I don’t remember the name of the eatery, but the pastas were fresh and heavenly. It was a very small restaurant and someone from the crew had discovered it. Austria has many such small restaurants and cafés where the chef uses the catch of the day, or even the fresh ingredients he finds in the local market.

Which are your favourite restaurants?

In London and Mumbai, I like dining at Hakkasan. The one in India is as good as the original. I especially love their dimsum platter. Some of my other favourites in London are the Beauberry House, Aqua Kyoto, and the afternoon tea at Harrods. I also love the prawns from Gajalee, in Mumbai, and paya with kadak pav from any good restaurant. I eat out often at Wasabi (at The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai).

Which regional Indian cuisine do you dig most?

I like coastal food, specially prawn and fish, made the Goan way. What’s the one drink you can’t do without? Black coffee, more often than not.

What’s your comfort food?

Cereals, dahi-chawal and sushi, of course.

What do you binge on?

Pizza with lots of cheese. Back home in London, it is black pudding and jellied eels.

What will we always find in your fridge?

Caviar and cheese.

Who are your favourite dining buddies?

My family, for sure. We all love to eat, and in London, while on a holiday, I let myself loose. We often cook at home. I don’t cook at all, but my mom is a good cook, and so is my brother.


Source – http://indianexpress.com