Katrina Kaif at India Today Conclave 2015


Katrina Kaif surely does not tiptoe around any controversy. She knows how to blow it away, especially if it is about her personal life.

Speaking at the India Today Conclave 2015, the Bollywood actor dodged almost all questions regarding her personal life asked by veteran TV host Karan Thapar. “I don’t like people talking bad about me, I get hurt so precisely I don’t end up saying that for others,” the actor said.

Keeping her lips tight on queries about Salman Khan, her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor, Neetu Singh and if there is any animosity between her and Deepika Padukone, the actor made it clear that she just wouldn’t like to be misinterpreted.

Here’s what Katrina Kaif said at the India Today Conclave 2015:

On her mother:

My mom is an incredible woman, who has devoted her life to NGO work. She is a selfless angel. Imagine managing 9 children, imagine the worry that you go through and you care for all of us. This is only that a mother can do.

On her brother:

He looked tough initially but I have seen him transform into a gentle man. He will make a good partner.

On travelling to 13 countries:

I think I believe every personality would have taken the same life experience but in different ways. For me I was very flexible, being very fascinated, observing, seeing the general mood of the people.

On her Bollywood debut and why she chose Katrina Kaif as her name:

When I came to India I saw the openness of the people in Mumbai. I felt at home, I didn’t come to be an actor but (to be a) model. As a model, I was very fortunate and achieved quite quickly. I didn’t know Hindi at 17 when I was doing Boom. I had no experience at all. Jackie Shroff gave me a piece of advice: You must learn to read the Devnagari script. I took his advice and now all my scripts come in Devnagari.

How she got to work on Boom:

Meghna Reddy stepped out of the film and I was a desperate last-minute replacement. Since I am working in a country that is India, my Indian heritage is more important and precisely that’s why I changed my name to Katrina Kaif.

On Salman Khan:

There are many definitions with the relationship we share. I don’t like to really share publicly or give labels to the relationship I share with him. Salman has been an important part of my life, not only in films but his family, his sisters. Till today, we are good friends. He is just an amazing person. He is unique, you don’t meet many people like Salman. He will always remain an important part of my life. If you ever come across him, don’t be afraid of striking a conversation, he interacts really well – be it a fan or who approaches him, he engages well with them.

On Akshay Kumar:

Namastey London got me really noticed. I definitely am grateful to Akshay, he gave me really good advice.

On Ranbir Kapoor:

He is a supremely talented actor, naturally gifted. Both Salman and Ranbir are different as they have very different techniques and approaches are different.

On reported differences with Neetu Kapoor:

The reason and person responsible would be me. Because since the last 8 years, I have chosen not to comment on my personal life, be it about the man in my life. I am a sensitive person, she is a beautiful stunning lady, somebody whom I have great admiration for. As a woman, she is a fantastic person. Ranbir’s family is lovely, even his father is a darling.

On Deepika Padukone:

I am not going to speak on my personal life but with regard to Deepika, there is no animosity between me and anyone.

On not winning a Filmfare award:

I don’t mind one. If they want me to be President of India and sing Sheila ki Jawani I will rise up to the task.

Katrina Kaif