Katrina Kaif: 10 memorable statements


We have compiled a list of 10 memorable quotes of Katrina Kaif which she had given during her interviews with Subhash K Jha.

Indian or Not
When Asked: According to her well-wishers  in the industry you aren’t Indian?

Katrina Replied: Me not Indian? I think I’m as Indian as it can get.  I want to know how  many Caucasians  are  brown-skinned? And  you’ve to admit I’m  brown in complexion. Having said that I don’t wish to  give any importance to the people who have made my  nationality into  a national issue. All I’ll say is  I’m very much an  Indian. And  it’s an insult to my parents to suggest  I am not

No Acting School Experience
When Asked: Not attending acting  school  makes  her  feel inadequate as an actress?

Katrina Replied: I think I had to undertake my own journey and do things my own way. I learnt on the job. I think I’ve acquired  knowledge  of  the  camera on-camera. So no  regrets about not attending any acting school. If I had regrets  about any aspect  of  my  career I’d be the most ungrateful   person  on  the planet. Look  at  the  level of  acceptance I’ve received in so little time. Some people don’t  get this kind  of success  after working all their lives.

Controversies and  Gossips 
When Asked: About controversies and  gossips related to Ranbir

Katrina Replied: What  really hurts her are  the  controversies and  gossip, like being dragged  into the  Ranbir Kapoor – Deepika  Padukone  relationship. “What have I  got  to  do with it? I hate  it  when I’m  dragged  into other  people’s lives. When I never speak about my own  personal   life why  would I want to be  a character in  stories  about  other people’s personal relationships?”

Lucky to get into Films
Katrina Replied: “It’s not as  if  I was just lucky to be in  successful films. Of course I’ve been  lucky. But I’ve also worked very  hard to get where I am. And please don’t forget I chose those films that went  on to be  successful. So please  grant me with that bit  of intelligence.”

Being a women in Male dominant Industry
Katrina Replied: “Oh, one has to work very hard on it. Men  don’t like to be around  women who can talk back . I  like to  make  my point. But I  don’t   like  to  be aggressive and  insistent  in  my attitude. At the same  time you won’t see me knocking on  producers’ doors at odd  hours to get work. I  never have I  never will.”

Full-on desi  heroine
Katrina  is  the happiest when   audiences  see her as  full-on desi  heroine, often more so than the  Size- O  heroines 

Katrina Replied: “It’s because I grew  up in  a  large  joint family filled with seven  sisters and brothers. The  atmosphere at  home was very Indian. We  were brought  up on values that are very Indian. I guess that explains why I’m so Indian in my outlook although  I’m half-British and half-Indian birth.”

Early Days in Mumbai
Katrina Replied: To begin with I  lived  in  a two-bedroom  flat  near Rizvi College. The entire day I’d be  visiting  modeling agencies. In the  evening I’d return home to a lonely  house.  I’d miss my sisters’ presence around me.  But  it was okay. I don’t want  to romanticize those days. I didn’t really have to struggle hard. Nothing  untoward happened to me. No one made any  sleazy suggestions. What  really bothered me initially  was  not my lack  of  knowledge of Hindi. In any case everyone in  the modeling world spoke  English, so that wasn’t a problem, except when I had   to  haggle with auto-rickshaws to avoid being cheated  and  to find addresses  in Mumbai. That was  tough.”

No Female Friends
Katrina Replied: It’s not as  if I  haven’t tried to make friends with….whoever.  It never works out. There’s always that edge  of competitiveness. As far as I’m concerned I’ve the highest regard for Aishwarya  and Kareena.  They are  so  much ahead of  where I am. It’d take me years to get there.”

On Salman Khan
Katrina Replied: Salman Khan helped me  a   lot to find my bearings in  Mumbai. He guided me, helped me  choose the right roles and to find my place in  Mumbai. He was there for me  constantly. With Salman and his family around I never  felt alone  in Mumbai.

Father- figure in her male company
Katrina Replied: “We  sisters  grew up without a  father in  the house. So  I  guess I do  look  for  sensible wise male company. I get bored with giddy-headed guys my own age.”