Everyone has a perception of you: Katrina Kaif


Even at a time when visibility is considered paramount for Bollywood actors, and most of them don’t shy away from sharing aspects of their personal lives with their fans, especially on social media, Katrina Kaif prefers maintaining an air of mystery around her. However, the actor admits that even though she is perceived to be reserved, that’s not how she is in real life, and with people who are close to her.

“Everyone has a perception of you. Yes, I am quite guarded in public. Being a Cancerian, and a person who has always been quite sensitive, I naturally guard myself in public. But if you were to come and see me in my real life, you would know that I’m the exact opposite,” she says.

Katrina believes that she is not the only one who prefers keeping a low profile. “In fact, it’s a natural instinct for a lot of women, especially in this profession. In front of the world, your instinct is to be guarded, but in front of the people you are close to, you can show your true side,” says Katrina.

The Bollywood actor recently posed for shutterbugs with her friend, actor Ranbir Kapoor, while they were on their way to Shashi Kapoor’s (Ranbir’s uncle) house for a Christmas lunch. But she is hardly ever spotted at Bollywood parties. Does she not enjoy socializing with people from within the industry? “I love the [film] industry, and all my friends here. If I had it my way, I would consider everyone my best friend. But at the same time, I’m also a homebody. I love working and then directly going home. I love spending time with people who are close to me. That gives me a huge sense of contentment.”

While Katrina has played a variety of roles in her 13-year-long career, she says that she lets go of her character once the film is over. “At times, parts of the characters remain with you as an actor, and they also tend to teach you things. But inherently, I’m quite connected with what I am on the inside, and I don’t think I will lose that ability to a character. You could adapt yourself on the sets and in workshops. But that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m going to take it away with me. Once the film is over, I genuinely feel that it’s done with. I leave that chapter behind. You definitely try and learn from experience though,” she says.

Currently, Katrina is so busy promoting her next that she hasn’t even realized that the new year has started. “It doesn’t feel like a new year because I don’t feel like I have had my Christmas holidays this year,” she says, in jest.

On a more serious note, the actor is hoping for a great year, both personally and professionally. “I really hope 2016 is a year of happiness, peace, fulfillment and contentment. These are the four things I would like to achieve, and I really hope that the three films that I’m working on currently, shine. I’m praying for that. These are the films that I hope will be memorable in my career graph,” she says.

Tell her that more often than not it’s her personal life that becomes the center of attention, and she says she hopes that changes this year. “Sometimes, your personal life can be highlighted. But this year, I have three films coming up, and I’m hoping that they will be spoken about more.”

Source: Shalvi Mangaokar, Hindustan Times