Aesthetics matter more than the brand: Katrina Kaif


When Katrina Kaif set foot in Bollywood a decade ago, she became a instant sensation because she had an appearance and attitude that were very western. In her journey from that point till now, she has not only shattered that image of being a foreigner in India but transformed herself into someone very ‘desi’ with every movie.

At the Mint Luxury Conference, she was in conversation with fashion editor Shefalee Vasudev on the ideal body type, becoming the Indian Barbie and how she admires fashionistas but can never be one herself.

Edited excerpts:

On luxury

Nowadays, we get stylists for appearing publicly for promotional events. Back when I joined the industry, we would have designers for our looks in films, but having a stylist for public appearances was, firstly, not paid for by the producer, and secondly, not too many stars were comfortable with someone else dressing them up when they are in their personal space. So, this culture of having a stylist round the clock is luxury to me.

On the ideal model

I don’t believe in anything called the ideal model. I firmly believe that we choose to look the way we do and select the body type we want to have.

On why Mattel chose her to represent the Indian Barbie

India, as a country, has two major obsessions—movies and cricket, and the Indians take ownership of the actors and players. I remember when I represented Barbie, I was doing a movie that catered to families and children and hence, I feel I was approached for personifying the Barbie. It has got very little to do with my body type. The body type I have is a result of hard work and discipline.

On handling compliments

There is no such thing as too many compliments for a woman. Also, I don’t wake up every morning feeling I’m the most beautiful person on earth. So no, compliments are never boring.

On fashion

To me, Sonam Kapoor is the biggest fashionista. And as much as I admire it, I can never be that way. I don’t follow labels. As long as something looks good and has been made aesthetically, I will wear it. I look at the way they have been constructed more than what brand it belongs to.

On her pursuit of energy

I look around and see people hitting the gym to keep themselves physically fit. In the process, often, we neglect our mental well-being, which is the source of happiness. I strive to focus on my mental health as much as on my body and that keeps me going.