Katrina Kaif’s FIRST Facebook LIVE chat!


We have to say, Katrina can make you go weak in the knees for sure, but she can make you laugh too with her goofy antics and her Facebook LIVE is proof!

After watching her LIVE today, we really felt like singing the song Baar Baar Dekho….
So apart from bringing in her birthday with her friends and family, it was extra special for the Jagga Jasoos actress as she made her debut on social media today. She overcame her fear and plunged right in! And believe it or not, within a few hours itself, her facebook page saw 3 million fans. See, Katrina Kaif, look how many people were eagerly awaiting this? And don’t worry, fans are going to make sure, you feel so special that you would have wished you had joined sooner. Just when we thought, her Facebook page was a surprise for us, she posted on her wall saying she was going to go LIVE! Wow! First a facebook page and then a live conversation with her. What a double treat for her fans.

We have to say, Kat can make you go weak in the knees for sure, but she can make you laugh too with her goofy antics and her Facebook LIVE is proof! Right from the word go, she was just so candid, goofy and natural that we fell in love with the Jagga Jasoos actor all over again! She is so sexy, yet so cute. And there were too many moments to choose from. So here are our favourite ones.

#The first second when she realised she was live and didn’t know what to do! How adorable was she? She was excited, confused, tired ( as she mentioned) all that the same time, not to mention sexy!

#Then the next adorable moment came the very next second when felt guilty about her phone beeping and justified by saying that it was her birthday so it would beep. And then she actually put her phone on silent just so that she could take questions form her fans.

#When one her fans just commented nice and she hoped that it was her, the fan was referring to!

#When she apologised for looking sleepy because of the party she had last night.

#When she was amazed by the hearts flying around and exclaimed excitedly about them

#When she wasn’t being asked questions and decided to ask questions to herself!

#Her reaction when somebody asked when she would be getting married was priceless!

Apart form that, she spoke about her upcoming films Baar Baar dekho and Jagga Jasoos. She also spoke about the American dream team tour with Sidharth Malhotra. She confessed about her love for Pancakes and that she loves Kerala and Goa. And she is very keen on doing a super hero film! and of course she cleverly escaped a few tricky questions about her ex . Ahem, ahem. But All in all, after this live, we are waiting for more Kat!